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The CVS-Chase shopping center was recently approved for one of our main downtown intersections. How do you think this will affect traffic and our sense of community?

A General Plan update currently in progress will affect the future of our small town. The new council will be the deciding body.

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Who We Are

Sixteen years ago SEBASTOPOL TOMORROW helped to elect a City Council that voted to protect the unique small town character of our city against the pressures for sprawl, for more traffic, and for expensive housing. We stopped huge developments that threatened to ring the town and obliterate sacred Native American sites.

We are confident that our current City Council members will work to preserve and enhance our small town character and support local businesses while protecting our natural resources.

Our current steering committee includes:
Brenda Nichols
Richard Nichols
Kathy Oetinger
Annie Dobbs Kramer
Bill Shortridge
Helen Shane
Kevin Dwan
Marty Roberts
Richard Retecki

We also have a broad list of supporters. Send an email to Sebastopol Tomorrow if you would like to be on this list.

Here is the beginning of that list:
Jeff Savage
Sandi Maurer
Dian Hardy
Patricia L. Russell
Richard D Russell, Architect
Yvette Williams van Aggelen
Donna Turrentine
Sherry Fader
Tara Treasurefield
Barton Stone
Ed Rimbaugh
Tomas Phillips
Fred Fletcher
Richard Retecki
Peggy Calkins
Walter Kieser
Terri Schmidt
Linus Lancaster
Barry Chertov
Tim Holt CMT
Mic and Julia Supanich
Johan Niklasson
Deana Dennard
Kari Close O'Kane
Patricia Duclos
Shyama Blaise Lozier
Sandy Eastoak
Kathleen Thompson
Shepherd Bliss
Judy Wismer
Jane Nielson

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